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Growing up as a competitive 3 sport athlete Thea knew she was destined to make her mark in the fitness industry. She received her degree in Kinesiology and continued on to obtain numerous fitness certifications. She is now spending her time planning fitness & wellness events along with training high level clients at a big Silicon Valley tech company. 

Thea loves blending her experience as a Divison 1 athlete with her degree in Kinesiology. Her favorite workouts tend to range from sports specific, circuit training, bodybuilding, and CrossFit. There is not just one way to get fit, so Thea try's teaching clients to challenge their bodies in many different ways.

When Thea isn't working she loves writing her lifestyle blog. Living in San Francisco, she loves to show off her city. Whether it's out on a stroll in the park, or relaxing by the Bay Bridge, Thea loves to share her experiences with her followers. Her passion for food, fashion, and exercise make her blog a great resource for health nuts and fashionistas alike. You can also find great everyday inspirational quotes, outfit ideas from festival looks to special occasion, favorite products, travel tips and much more! To get inspired, follow Thea on her journey through this beautiful life, follower her various social media sites that can be found here,

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