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Focus on Fit

JLab Audio Technology

We take fit personally – and so should you! Each ear is different and when you’re planning to use your earbuds for the long haul, we want you to enjoy the experience (and not even think about your buds). Whether you’re running a marathon or hopping on a plane, here’s the JLab tech to get the right fit:

Adjustable Tip Placement

Adjust your comfort with our patent-pending Adjustable Tip Placement. Customize the depth of your tips for either a relaxed fit or seal them up for perfect noise isolating sound. Video: Get custom fit with ATP.  Shop Earbuds with ATP.

Cush Fin Technology
The soft, flexible earbud attachment allows each person to get a customized, secure fit. The Cush Fin fits into the outer ear and provides support for the earbud housing in multiple locations while adjusting to each ear. Video: See Cush Fins in action. You’ll find Cush Fin Technology in the JBuds Pro, Core, and Epic Wired Earbuds, all in-ear headphones. Shop Cush Fin Technology.
Memory Wire
Over-ear Hook shapes around the ear for a comfortable, secure fit, maximizing fit and stability for your most intense workouts. The dual layer heat shrink wrapped wire is comfortable, flexible and ideal for active lifestyles and fitness enthusiasts, the Memory Wire is available in our Fit 2.0 Earbuds and Epic Bluetooth Earbuds. Shop Memory Wire Technology.
Soft Gel Tips
In any JLab Audio earbuds or in-ear headphone, you’ll get multiple gel tip options. By offering a minimum of three tip options and up to seven tip options (Fit 2.0 Earbuds), we’re giving you the ability to test and feel what will fit best in your uniquely shaped ears. Sizes range from S to XL and S to XL with a double flange. Find your best fit by trying each size. Shop Earbuds.
Cloud Foam Cushions
Cloud Foam Earcup Cushions and headband cushions in our on-ear and over-ear headphones offer a cush, comfortable feel. As the millennials would say ‘These are #onpoint.’ Shop Headphones with Cloud Foam.

C3™ Sound

C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound with vibrant highs, mids and pumping bass – no matter your favorite flavor of music. Drench your ears in vibrant highs and song-defining mids - all delivered through JLab's high-performance drivers. From headphones to earbuds, we expertly engineer the ideal driver for the design. The Epic Wired Earbuds feature our largest driver in an in-ear headphone at 13mm. While the Omni Over-Ear Headphones feature a 40mm driver. With C3 technology you truly can #RockItOut.

Here’s an example C3™ Sound, showing the sound frequency for OMNI Headphones:

Built to Last

We give you premium materials without the rockstar price. And we don’t cut corners on quality. Using premium, durable materials – from premium metal or precision cast plastics on all our earbuds to stainless steel bands in our over- or on-ear headphones. To prove it, we offer a lifetime warranty on all wired earbuds and world-class, US-based service!

All products are tested in a death match with a cobra, puma and liger. (OK, no, they aren’t. But they're pretty dang strong.)