Are you gearing up for CES 2017? We are pumped!

Join us this year at the Hard Rock Hotel! The show floor can get overwhelming, so here's an excuse to escape the madness. Kick up your feet, relax in our luxurious suite and talk affordable audio that your customers will love. 

We have some exciting new products you'll want to get your hands on! Like our newest noise-canceling headphones that diminish 94% of plane, train or automobile noise. And our multi-room wireless speaker system will blow your mind, connecting up to eight speakers throughout your home without Wi-Fi or apps. We'll also talk true wireless - the ultimate Bluetooth earbuds coming in 2017 (hint: they'll be 100% wire free) without sacrificing battery life and connectivity.

All these products are coming off the biggest, most award-winning year in our history. So you know they are gonna be good.

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