Block Party Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speaker


Power your party with fully immersive, room-filling 3D Sound and Connect 8 Technology. The Party Series wirelessly connects up to eight speakers across your entire home for the ultimate home sound system. No Wi-Fi, no wires, no apps needed to get your party started from room to patio.

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  • Connect 8 speakers

    Connect 8 Technology

    Connect up to 8 speakers throughout your home. The Party Series will get your home rocking from room to patio with its own wireless system. Simply connect from your device via Bluetooth® up to 30 ft away, then link all the speakers from up to 100 feet away for the ultimate sound experience.


    A simple set-up, the Party Series utilizes a 5.8 GHz frequency, a radio frequency used in cordless phones, so there’s no need to connect to your home's Wi-Fi. Without a Wi-Fi connection needed, you can take your speakers outside of the house and use them anywhere. The Party Series works with any music streaming app. Simply use your device, speaker, or controls on top, to direct the additional speakers to play any native apps like Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music or any of your stored music.

    Wireless Playtime

    Connect via Bluetooth® and enjoy crisp surround sound for up to nine full hours, giving you the freedom to place your Party Series speaker anywhere in between charges and not worry about pesky wires.


    Play and pause all speakers at once. Their universal controls let you play in one room and pause in another. Adjust the volume manually on one single speaker or use your phone to turn volume up or down on all eight synced together. After partying, you can put the speakers to sleep then wake them up when you’re ready to get rocking again. With sleep mode, your speakers will still hold a Bluetooth® connection while being idle and plugged in. When the speakers are unplugged they will hold their sleep mode for only 20 minutes. Wake one up, and they’ll all wake up leaving right from where you left off on your device.

    3D SOUND

    Designed with an at-home surround sound in mind, the Party Series feature speakers on three of its sides so you’ll hear amazing sound anywhere you stand in the room. Each speaker has two hi-fi drivers and a DSP processor, so your music has JLab's signature C3 (Crystal, Clear, Clarity) Sound and is distortion-free even at the highest volumes.


    The House Party is perfect for small to medium sized rooms with 20 watts of 3D Sound and nine hours of playtime. The Block Party is perfect for medium to large rooms with 50 watts of 3D Sound, nine hours of playtime, an Aux connection and charge out capability. Both are perfect to take with you outside as well with an IPX5 splashproof rating.

    Party Series Group

    Free Pandora Plus


    With every Party Series Bluetooth® Speaker purchase, you'll receive three months free of Pandora Plus. Verify your purchase to get your redemption code and ad-free music.

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    • (2) 15w three-inch high frequency drivers, (2) 7.5w one-inch tweeters, (2) three-inch passive subwoofers
    • 50 Watts
    • IPX5 - Splash-proof, Rinse-able
    • 9 Hour Battery Life, 6600 mAh
    • 81.2 dB Volume Max
    • Bluetooth® 4.0 with 30-foot range - 100 foot range between speakers
    • 5.8 GHz Frequency
    • Dimensions: 5.5"w x 6"h x 5.5"d
    • Weight: 5.6 lbs
    • C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) Technology
    • Cast-Connect to other speakers
    • Volume Controls - can be controlled from both the Party Series Speakers and your device
    • Charge out - DC input for charging
    • 100 foot open air range from parent speaker
    • Supports Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes and more
    • Frequency Range: 85-20KHz
    • Aux-In port
    • JLab's World-Class Service
    • 1-Year Warranty

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