More than reinvention.

We’ve watched for 10 years. This brand. That brand. This name. That one. They’ve all failed to produce a premium earbud that punches well above its weight class.

JLab spent that decade innovating. Our lab broke every rule. Tore up the box. Then flipped it out the damn building. That’s to say, our goal was to bring you sub $10 earbuds — no matter the investment — that look, feel, and sound like gear 10 times the cost.

Enough is enough. Time to deliver where others failed.

Introducing the JBuds2 and JBuds Pro.

The evolution of the product that put JLab on the map. They’re more comfortable. More intuitive. More resilient. And at less than $10, more affordable.

With Adjustable Tip Placement, the new generation of JBuds2 ensures nothing feels more natural as you jump from track to track. Need an even plusher fit? JBuds Pro adds our lauded Cush Fin Technology and an inline mic.

They were designed for you. And priced for you. This is more than reinvention. JLab is doing what others couldn’t.

That’s how we #FINDYOURGO.