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The JLab Grab Bag is back and better then ever! $5 plus $2.50 Shipping and Handling per bag. You never know what you're going to get! Products include NEW JLab Earbuds, Refurbished Crasher Bluetooth Speakers, Bombora Headphones and more!

This time around, our sister company, Trio Tablets, is joining in on the fun offering a $10 plus $2.50 Shipping and Handling bag of their own. Trio Grab Bags can include Eclipse MP3 Players, Bluetooth Speakers, or Tablets. All Trio Grab Bag orders are guaranteed a product of at least an MP3 Player or better.

First 10,000 Grab Bag orders guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas

UPDATE: As of 4:00 PM PST on 12/12/14, we have surpassed 10,000 orders. Orders placed after this time are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, but will arrive before New Year's.

As of 4:45 PST on 12/15/14 the Grab Bag's are sold out!

12/10/14: Update from our President

We’ve had lots of questions about what’s in the bags…Without ruining the surprise, these are the ONLY items that will be in the $5.00 bags this year: Crashers, Bomboras, Supras, J2, J4 J5M, J5, J6, J6M, Diegos, Metal, Q1, J3, and NEONs. All earbuds have an everyday price of $14.99-34.99. Colors are mixed.

The $10 bags contain Trio Tablets, Eclipse MP3 Players and Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers. At a minimum you’ll receive an MP3 player.

There is a limited quantity on everything available and as always the bags are first come first serve.

We fully plan on delivering the first 10k orders by Christmas. Generally speaking if you place your order on Thursday or Friday, you’ll get it by Christmas. If placed after we make no guarantees of it getting there by Christmas, but by the New Year.

The last 2 Grab Bags have been an overwhelming success with an underwhelming experience. Be it website issues, shipping delays, or the same color earbud in each bag. So what have we done to fix this? We’ve completely redesigned the website and moved to a different OS. We’ve implemented a new shipping system to help speed the process along, and we’ve put some processes in place to ensure that each grab bag contains a different earbud. No longer will you receive 3 of the black/pink metal earbuds that irrated many last time.

So, if you want to give it another shot, go for it. If you don’t think we’ve made changes, than don’t. Will everyone receive a Crasher? No. Many will however and everyone will absolutely be getting a deal; just in time for the holidays.  Good luck.

JLab $5 Grab Bag Items

Earbuds: Acoustic, Comfort, Diego, Fit, J2, J3, J4,
J5J5M, J6, J6M, Metal, Neon, Q1

Headphones: Supra and Bombora

Crasher Speakers

Trio $10 Grab Bag Items

Eclipse MP3 Players

Trio Tablets

Bluetooth Speakers

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