Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adaptor + Earbuds

GO Versatile. 

Instantly Wireless. Plug In Any Earbud, Any Brand (or use those included).

Turn wired to wireless with the JLab Gravity Bluetooth® Neckband Adaptor. Plug in any earbuds, or use the included JBuds Pro, with the Gravity Neckband that sits comfortably around your neck. Connect to Bluetooth® on your device and you can GO anywhere wirelessly with up to 10 hours of playtime. All the controls you need are found on the neckband so you can pump up the volume, play, pause, or seamlessly make calls at the drop of a hat. It’s the most versatile headset yet.

  • Gravity Neckband bluetooth adapter


    Give your wired earbuds a full transformation to wireless, the Gravity features Bluetooth® 4.1 allowing you to connect to your device from up to 30 feet away and continue hands free while you finish painting a room, washing your car, or simply hanging out by the pool. Easily hide your earbud wires with the Gravity’s simple wire management system, completing the transformation from wired to wireless. Talk about an earbud makeover.


    Designed with phone calls in mind, the digital microphone is built in to the neckband for easy access and outstanding voice clarity. Seamlessly take (or reject) calls while you briskly walk to your next business meeting, run through campus, hop into a cab, or jump on a flight with the easy to use button controls.

    Long battery life

    Long Battery life


    With a 10-hour music playtime you can listen to all your favorite tunes for a roundtrip flight from California to New York. Or keep chatting with up 12 hours of talk time. Recharge and get back at it. It’s perfectly adaptable for your crazy, can’t stop, won’t stop life.


    Like wearing a scarf or hat that you forgot was there, the Gravity is made of medical grade silicone rubber so it will sit comfortably around your neck. Forget any stiff, immovable, behind-the-neck headsets you’ve seen before, these will settle comfortably right in place. With their included JBuds Pro, you can choose from eight different size gel tips to find the right fit in your ear and GO.

    Comfortable and light

    controls in the collar


    For any busy life, all your controls are located on the neckband: Volume, play, pause, track forward, and track back. No matter when or where, you’re ready to GO.


    With the JBuds Pro already in place in the Gravity, you’re guaranteed our signature C3 sound. Finely tuned, high-performance titanium drivers deliver a clean, crisp sound for highs, lows and every range in between. Hi-fi noise-isolating design keeps you focused on the music and not on your noisy subway neighbor.

    great sound in Jbuds Pro earbuds



    • 10 Hour Battery Life
    • 12 Hour Talk Time
    • Charging Time: 1.5 hrs from dead battery to 100% charged
    • Wired to Wireless Bluetooth® Capability with 3.5mm Headphone Jack Plug-In
    • Bluetooth® 4.1
    • Weight 39.9g
    • IPX4
    • Dimensions: 154.8x157x43.16mm
    • Universal Controls (Play, Pause, Track Forward, Track Back)
    • JBuds Pro Included with Signature C3 Sound
    • 3 Sets Gel Tips: S, M, L
    • Two Cush Fins: M, L
    • Comfortable Behind-the-Neck Fit with Medical Grade Silicone
    • Digital (MEMS) Microphone for Calls and Activating Siri and Google Assistant
    • JLab One-Year Warranty
    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Click here to download manual PDF

    Using the Cable Management System

    How to install any earbuds, any brand