September 15, 2016

Team JLab: Staci's Story

Childhood cancer makes up less than 1% of cancers diagnosed today and the survival rate has increased to 90% with today’s medicine. Nonetheless, no parent wants to hear their child has cancer and unfortunately too many will hear this.

One of JLab Audio’s very own team members, Staci, who is our Corporate Account Manager, is proud to consider herself a childhood cancer SURVIVOR. At just five years old Staci went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for surgery to repair a hernia. When the surgery was completed the doctor expressed to her parents that Staci’s abdomen appeared somewhat bloated or distorted and that he’d like to do a sonogram of her ovary. What they had anticipated to be a simple cyst, was in fact a grapefruit sized tumor on her left ovary. They removed the tumor along with her ovary, which would reveal itself as malignant only two days later.

On December 30, 1987 Staci would begin her first chemo treatment for a rare malignant cancerous tumor for children called an Immature Ovarian Teratoma. For the next 13 months she would go through a routine out-patient chemo treatment for five days, with thirty days off in between. She would attend school and play with friends just like any other five-year-old would while not in chemo. Staci recalls only feeling sick during those five days of treatments but never felt anything but normal while at school. 

Throughout the next year (and ongoing after), Staci and her family would fight her battle side by side. While her parents would worry, Staci never did. “I was never scared to go to the hospital, the nurses made it so fun!”, says Staci.

On January 30, 1989 she had her last chemo treatment and was placed in remission, shortly after at the age of seven she was cancer free. Staci would continue to go back for checkups after and each result would be normal and healthy, she thanks a huge part to her doctor, Dr. Michael M. Etzl, and the nurses at the Phoenix Children Hospital.

With September being Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to share Staci’s story in hopes we can support others. If you’re looking to help the cause in some way, please donate to the Batcole Foundation and read their story, or you can purchase our Batcole JBuddies for your kids where 50% of your purchase is donated to the foundation. Let’s all fight together!