Beacon Signal Technology for improved Bluetooth Connectivity

Fine-tuning the Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds goes all the way down to a tiny little antenna in the mic housing. With Beacon Signal Technology, we are able to provide skip-free tunes, even in the most demanding situation.

The Epic2's Beacon Signal Technology utilizes a ceramic Bluetooth antenna, which provides improved wireless connectivity and reduces environmental detuning. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that communicates from one device to another (more below). And thanks to Beacon Signal Technology and its ceramic mic, you'll enjoy a better earbud-to-device signal and uninterrupted tunes.

Bluetooth Antenna

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JLab Audio Debuts New Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

JLab Upgrades Award-Winning Earbuds to Feature Waterproof Rating, Better Connectivity and Longer Battery Life 


SAN DIEGO – JLab Audio announced the release of the next generation of their most award-winning product ever: Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds. The waterproof Bluetooth earbuds offer a best-in-class battery life of 12 hours – four hours more than the closest competitor – and a waterproof, sweat-proof design with Beacon™ Signal Technology ideal for exercise, running and on-the-go audio. The Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are available in Jet Black, Blue/Graphite, Teal/Graphite at on May 1, 2016.

"Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are the best product we’ve ever launched – waterproof, sport-proof and have immersive, high quality sound," said Win Cramer, President, JLab Audio. "We took an already award-winning product and improved it based on feedback we received from customers. We are proud to offer upgraded durability and connectivity."

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Tatiana Weston-Webb Takes Supergirl Pro Title and the JLab Audio Break Free Award

President Win Cramer presents Tatiana Weston-Webb with the Jlab Audio Break Free Award at the 2015 Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro. See photos and learn more here.  View full article →

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Cable

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsAs we call our Epic Bluetooth Earbuds "fitness proof", the Kevlar reinforced round cable proves it by providing more flexibility and durability getting you through the toughest of workouts. Learn more ... View full article →

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Battery Life

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Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Fit

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsWhen designing the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds, designer Reed Crawford, made the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds with our most ergonomic design yet.
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Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Driver Size

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsA driver in an earbud is essentially what produces the sound. JLab uses an 8mm dynamic driver in the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds. The force of motion occurring in the driver pushes more reverberation and air flow, producing the high quality sound coming out of the earbuds. Learn more ...
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Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Weight

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsThe lightest, sleekest Bluetooth earbud we've ever made, the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds weigh in at only 15g. Learn more .... View full article →

TWICE Magazine Awards JLab's EPIC Bluetooth Earbud

JLab Audio kicked off the first week of  the 2015 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, a euphoric place where all consumer electronic geeks gathered to see the latest and greatest in technology around the world. 

Of all the technology geeks in attendance, JLab Audio was one of the proudest group of geeks there after earning the attention of TWICE Magazine. TWICE Magazine, the number one business-to-business publication for consumer electronics and technology, had the opportunity to check out and review consumer electronics at the show. TWICE announced the first ever TWICE Picks Awards, chosen anonymously by TWICE editors and contributors.

We're excited to announce that the Epic Bluetooth Premium Wireless Earbuds earned the TWICE Picks Award for it's innovation and potential at retail. 

Thank you, TWICE Magazine for recognizing all of the hard work and dedication that went into creating these epic Epic Bluetooth Premium Wireless Earbuds.

To our fans: Enjoy and #RockItOut!



JLab Ambassadors Star in Epic Bluetooth Video

Jay and Jenna break free with the JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds. Wearing JLab's sleekest, lightest, longest-lasting wireless earbuds ever, these athletes train - and boy do they train hard! With best-in-class 10-hour battery life, they have nothing holding them back!
As seen in the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds video, our brand ambassadors, Jay Slade and Jenna Puterbaugh use their EPIC Wireless Earbuds to train for upcoming track and field competitions.


Jay Slade is a current member of Team USA and two-time Silver Medalist of the U.S Paralympic Track and Field team. Jay uses his Epic Bluetooth Earbuds while training for the 2015 ParPanAmerican games, Para World Track and Field Championships, the 2016 Summer Games, and US Indoor National Championships. 


Jenna Puterbaugh is the former USC Track and Field Team Captain and three-time All-American. She's using her EPIC Bluetooth Earbuds to train for meets this sprint in the US.


Not only do they prefer the EPIC Bluetooth while training, you can see Alessandro, amateur skater and a member of our HypeMedia video team, doing some gnarly skating tricks with ease while wearing the earbuds. 
The EPIC Bluetooth Premium Wireless Earbuds not only provide high quality sound, they propel all athletes to achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Want to #RockItOut like Jay and Jenna? Grab your pair of EPIC Bluetooth Premium Wireless Earbuds now and show us how you #RockItOut!