September 21, 2016

Flex Bluetooth ANC Technology: Bluetooth Wireless Playtime

With the recent release of Apple's iPhone 7, Bluetooth headphones are being talked about everywhere. We knew it would be important to give everyone a reliable and affordable option to pair with their new or old iPhone (or any other phone you may have).

The Flex Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones provide up to 30 hours of wireless sound or 10 hours of wireless and noise-canceling sound, stream your music from up to 30 feet away or plug in with the included aux flat cable. The Flex Bluetooth is ready to jam with your favorite portable devices, anytime, anywhere.

Bluetooth streaming with Active Noise Canceling: 10 hours
Bluetooth streaming without Active Noise Canceling: 30 hours
Wired streaming with Active Noise Canceling: 60 hours
Wired streaming, no Active Noise Canceling: Uses no power, a.k.a., FOREVER


See how the Flex Bluetooth ANC Headphones compares across several specs: