October 18, 2016

Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes: Massive Sound

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To kick off our Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes we're going to educate you on the 30 watts our speaker holds in case you missed it in our previous blog post. The Crasher XL's 30 watts is more power than the next leading competitor and a lot for a portable speaker, so you know it's going to be good...

What are watts and what do they refer to?

A watt is the measure of electrical power in a speaker. This also corresponds with the decibel number, which is where the real loudness of the speaker comes from and is measured. 

How do they relate?

When you have a speaker that is 15 watts and a speaker that is 30 watts, the latter one is going to have double the power, not necessarily double the sound. When you double the power, you only increase the decibel by 3. In order for the sound to be truly doubled, you'd need to figure out the equivalent of doubling the decibels.

This speaker features one hi-fi neodymium driver, two lo-fi drivers, and two passive subwoofers...probably didn't think so much could be packed into a portable speaker right? That's because most don't so let your music boom with our Crasher XL. 

Word of the Day: Power

How the Crasher XL compares to the competition: