October 20, 2016

Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes: Playtime

The Crasher XL Tech Sweeps has officially ended. Thank you for your participation. Please register for our email list to stay tuned on all future sweepstakes and contest here

The Crasher XL features Bluetooth 4.0. This means it can stay connected for up to 30 ft. away and still keep your tunes going.

It can connect to any device with Bluetooth, so you're not limited to specific devices. In fact, you can be connected to several devices to easily reconnect just by turning your speaker on!

Its awesome battery life gives you 13 (lucky) hours of playtime in between charges. These hours only count for when the speaker is on, so don't worry, if you leave it off for awhile the battery won't deplete. Adventure on!

Its Bluetooth features and built in mic also let you take calls with the speaker, so you never have to miss a beat between calls.


Word of the day: Lucky

How the Crasher XL compares to the competition: