September 08, 2016

Active Noise Cancellation

Be sure you don't miss out on next week's announcement...

Since JLab Audio has something big coming…we wanted to share with you a little bit about active noise cancellation (hint, hint). 

There are two types of noise cancellation, there’s active and passive. Passive tends to lead to a heavier headphone, packed with materials to block out the noise, many think this doesn’t work as efficiently. And it doesn’t. Active is more technology based and really works hard to cancel out background noise such as a subway, an airplane engine, or loud traffic.

How does active noise cancellation work?

Step 1: The incoming ambient sounds (planes, trains, and automobiles) are trying to break through your headphone’s barrier.

Step 2: Inside the headphone is a microphone that picks up those sounds and sends them through the noise canceling process.

Step 3: A noise cancellation circuitry inverts the wave to create a new waveform and sends it to the headphones speaker.

Step 4: The original ambient sound and new waveform meet and cancel each other out, clearing your music from those pesky distraction noises.

Voila! You're distraction-free!