February 18, 2016

Meet Brianne Connor, Transformation Inspiration

Note: This is the first in a series of blogs introducing #TeamJLab ambassadors. To meet the full team, click here.

On any normal day at the crack of dawn, while the rest of us are warm and cozy in bed, Brianne Connor is taking her day by storm and pushing her limits. With early mornings and long, busy days, Bri never gives up on herself and her journey.

When we came across Bri's Instagram account, we didn't realize how much of an impact she would make on so many people's lives. Each post, each comment, each day, Bri inspires her 130K+ followers on Instagram (@Bri_getsfit) to work on living a healthier and happier life. Not to mention, she might be the sweetest person we've ever met! #TeamJLab is stoked to have her on our team and we are even more stoked to share her journey with you! We asked Brianne a series of questions about her life and how she got to where she is today, and this is what she had to say... 

"In January 2013, I made the New Years Resolution to get healthy and lose weight. From that moment forward, I've given everything I've got to get to where I am now." 

I began my journey to transform my life when I finally realized how lazy and unhealthy I had become. I had been overweight my whole life. I really did not know different. Food addiction is real and I was really addicted to eating terribly. The more weight I gained, the more I became insecure, the more I would eat. It took a number on a scale at a doctors office to completely turn my world upside down. That was the point in my life where I decided to change everything... my bad habits, my unhealthy eating, and all of the excuses I used to make.


What are your accomplishments thus far?

I have lost over 100 pounds! I have proved that I am capable of running, when just walking used to be hard. I have gained strength, both mentally and physically, and I get to inspire others to believe in themselves every day.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

There are many people who inspire me but I am my own biggest inspiration. I've proved to myself over and over that I can change and am capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to. Hard work goes a long way and If you want something you can get it.


Obesity is not genetic. It can be changed. I went almost my whole life thinking I was supposed to be big and that it was in my genes to be "big boned" and have "thunder thighs". I went through the motions of fad diets but let me just admit that I love food and just about any kind of food. There's not many foods that I don't like ?. I didn't become obese from lack of exercise because I was actually pretty athletic up until my teens. Then I got older, got a car, had a job, and like any other teen just wanted to eat junk and hang with friends. It just got progressively worse the older I got. In college, we ate any and all fast food chain restaurants almost every day, lived off the cheap pasta dinner nights, and any frozen processed food we could afford. My drinks consisted of soda, kool aid, and sugary juice boxes. I had no perception of what this food was actually doing to my body. Food addiction got the best of me... Until one day I decided I was done. Done being lazy, done making excuses, and done letting food have all the power. Once I realized what I was capable of and that it was possible to change, I let my motivation keep me from failing. I always keep a positive outlook because a negative mind will always fail but a positive one will always keep trying. Change is possible. #believegreatness #throwbackthursday #weightloss #motivate #inspire #helpothers #movingforward #inspiration #weightlossjourney #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation

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What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

"Don't let today's troubles bring you down. Don't let life's little obstacles keep you from trying. Don't let your fears keep you from dreaming. Don't give up for any reason. Believe in yourself." -Unknown

What hobbies & activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

I enjoy being outside, photography, cuddling up with my pets, running, shopping, and spending time with my family and friends.


What are your guilty pleasure foods?

I absolutely love pizza, buffalo chicken, French fries, and ice cream!


What’s your favorite music to listen to while you workout and why? 

I really like listening to upbeat hip hop or rock while I workout. I love listening to stuff that makes me want to get up and move. I listen to a variety of genres and enjoy a lot of different types of music.I like music because it allows me to forget about everything around me and just be in the moment. Its a really good escape from reality. While working out, in the car, or at home its what I use to get away.

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What are your 2016 goals?

In 2016 I would like to continue my journey by inspiring more people, hopefully finish a half marathon (which I signed up for last week!), and continue to live a happy and healthy life!



What are your favorite JLab products & why?

I really love my Epic Bluetooth Wireless Headphones because it allows me to move freely and not have to worry about the cord getting in my way while I workout. I also love the Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds and the Core Custom Fit Earbuds for when I workout because the quality of sound they produce are like no other.



Not only does Brianne inspire others going through their journey, she also gives back to people in need. Brianne supports, "Hunter's Heart", and other charitable events supporting family and friends. Brianne is seen below before the 5k run for her dear friend's baby boy, Hunter. 

"Hunter's Heart was s success and both Scott and Nicky were very grateful for the Epic Bluetooth Headphone donation to the cause. It's a wonderful thing when companies can help those in need. I'm forever grateful that I too get to help with all the connections I've made."

















There's nothing more exciting than inspiring others, meeting new people, and getting the opportunity to hear their stories. 

Do you want to get fit with Bri? Maybe you just need a little inspiration to get up and out of the house. Follow Bri's journey of living a healthier and happier life,  on Instagram and Facebook. OR you can compete in a DietBet's she hosts, with the latest jackpot of $33,500! Lost weight, earn some cash, and learn more about Bri's DietBet, here.

Feel free to leave Bri any questions you may have below, or visit her social sites and say hey!

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