October 08, 2015

Flex Headphone Technology: Incredible Sound

If you're looking for the Flex BLUETOOTH Tech Sweeps (9/20/16-9/27/16), you can find it here: http://jlab.audio/FlexBTTechSweeps


JLab’s award-winning sound, C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound through the new Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphones. With vibrant highs, mids and "drop it like it’s hot" bass, you get the quality you deserve through pristine high performance neodymium backed 40mm drivers. The frequency range of 20hz - 20khz provides the Flex with vocal clarity and plenty of bass and sub bass. 


 "We designed and tuned the Flex to give a warm, rich sound, with clear highs and solid bass. While we've always been known for a bass heavy experience, with our push into a more studio ready product, we wanted to balance the sound and make it tight throughout the listening curve. You know when the bass is hitting, but at the same time you can fully appreciate the crash of the cymbal," says Win Cramer, President of JLab Audio.

JLab Audio Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphone Frequency Range 


Flex Word of the Day:  Clarity

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