June 08, 2015

OMNI Tech Sweeps

The OMNI Tech Sweeps has officially ended. Thank you for your participation. Please register for our email list to stay tuned with future sweepstakes and contest: http://www.jlabaudio.com/pages/newsletter-signup

Every day this week we'll be posting a blog about the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones and a specific technology comparison. At the end of each blog, you'll see an 'OMNI Word of the Day'. Use this word to enter in the OMNI Tech Sweeps below, to win the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones for you and a friend!

Enjoy all of the OMNI Tech Talk coming your way and good luck!


Here's the list of topics we'll cover:


1. Tuesday: Share Your Music 
2. Wednesday: Premium Materials & Durability
3. Thursday: Battery Life
4. Friday: Track Wheel
5. Saturday: High Quality Sound